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Digital Prudentia

Digital Prudentia specializes in innovative Analytics, Big Data, and Cloud solutions that empower intelligent enterprises to realize their business needs. We combined the company's initials for the logo to form an infinity symbol. The upward orange symbol signifies growth. Combined, the logo symbolises infinite growth in the digital space.


MasterCom Technology Services is a VMWare & Telecom services provider. The logo comprises of Typographic (logotype) graphic. The letters are created using the Oswald typeface. Overall, the logo denotes the company's traditional stance on providing secure and simple solutions to clients' complicated IT problems.

Intuition & Systems

Intuition and Systems are independent business consultants who help small businesses upscale themselves. STEMS is a wordplay to signify the small roots in the logo, which will grow into a tree. Here, we targeted I&S's services catering to the growth of small businesses with their expert solutions (intuition) and management (system).

Digital Drushti

Digital Drushti is a hybrid learning platform for digital marketing. We created the logo to signify clarity or 'Drushti' with the brand's digital marketing knowledge to the world. The wifi symbol represents digitalisation and the space of their work undertaking, i.e., the digital world. The logo tagline 'Read Between The Numbers' symbolises fetching results.

Orom Forums

Orom aims to nurture a marriage lifecycle and provides post-marriage consultation. Orom's logo signifies the hesitant nature of a marital relationship between a man and a woman. The upward blue tip of the bulb symbolises men & women, whereas the orange part is left for their unshared feelings. The bulb aims to provide light to darkness created by post-marriage unworked issues.

MUM 2022

MUM (Mothers United Moment) is a movement for mothers. It is an initiative by Shikha Khanna, India's first baby photographer, to honour the impactful living stories of mothers. We used the logo to indicate the bond between mothers and their Children. The 'U' in the logo stands for the union of mothers and grown-up children.

Kalpa's Krazy Oven

Kalpa's Krazy Oven is a venture (food industry) that promotes healthy and conscious eating habits. We used the oven, the name of the brand, to resemble the shape of an oven to highlight its purpose. The logo tagline 'Eat Guiltfree' refers to the brand's conscious eating values.

Tasty Secret

Tasty Secret is a platform to learn baking & to cook with the help of a professional guide. We gave their logo a vibrant touch as per the company founder's personality and ideology. The founder considers cooking an art; hence the tagline 'Creatively Delicious' has been added to the logo.


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